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Our children have been studying piano with Art Scott for about 7 years. Before they began, we had read of the positive correlation between studying piano and doing well in mathematics.

Over the years we have witnessed this phenomenon first hand. Our children have done extremely well in math, consistently placing in the top percentage on standardized tests. Most recently our two oldest sons showed the connection again. One got a perfect score on the math section of the SAT test and the other missed only one question.

 We would highly recommend studying piano from Mr. Scott just for the pure
joy of music, but the academic benefit is a great plus."

- Paul and Robin Gerrard, Laguna Hills,CA

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When Children Take Piano Lessons, they learn far more than Music...

Back in the 1890's through the 1950's, the PIANO, the VICTOR VICTROLA, the Phonograph Record and the RADIO were the Entertainment Centers of every home here in America. There were no TV's, no Nintendo's, Computer games, Weii machines, etc. Families turned to live music in the home to entertain themselves.

People actually learned how to play the piano and sing around the piano. It was a family affair. Young people took piano lessons as part of their Education and Personal Enrichment.

Here we are in 2009 - and we need as a nation to get back to the basics. When your kids grow up they will need to have skills that will last them the rest of their life. Consider the list that I have compiled below.
How's this for the 8 C's?

Confidence - your child will be able to play with ease and confidence and be envied by their peers

Concentration - controlled studies have proven that children who take Piano Lessons
are able to accelerate beyond their peers in Math and Science skills; the brained is sorted in a such a manner that skills require thought and organization come with greater ease.

Coordination - eye hand coordination is developed to extremely precise movements, superior to skill of a Heart or Brain Surgeon - Pianists can close their eyes and play memorized pieces - try doing surgery that way.

Consistency - daily practicing renders great results. Children learn that if you put great effort forward towards playing and improving, great results are bound to happen.

Charm - when children develop their skills in playing the Piano, they learn a great deal in grace and charm and develop a taste for the finer things that life offers.

Conceptualization - complex skills such as note reading, understanding complicated rhythms, coordinating the hands to handle playing

Courage - children learn NOT to quit when the going gets tough. Tenaciousness is learned from the start of the very first lesson. Anything worthwhile in life takes stick-to-it ness.

Commitment - children will not be anymore committed than their parents are. Piano lessons should be just as important as every subject at school. The parent as to set the stage for this attitude to be really implemented. Homework is given and needs to be completed. Making a verbal commitment of one year of lessons should be done between a child and the parent so the young person will the process of lessons seriously and be prepared weekly for their teacher.

Many adults missed out on taking piano/keyboard lessons when they were a child.

Art Scott teaches both adults and children and is privileged to offer a personalized
approach to studying the piano geared for adults. We offer a positive and patient
approach which allows adults to progress and learn according to their schedule.
Music changes lives forever!

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Everyone deserves ...

  • A Music Education

  • The chance to express them self through music and the arts

  • To explore all forms of music styles

  • A Music Teacher who will motivate, challenge and nurture students to their highest potential

  • Opportunities for performance to their peers and family

  • The opportunity to create music and explore new sounds and instruments

  • Exposure to a vast array of different composers, classical and popular

  • Praise from their parents, teacher and peers when they practice hard and perform pieces

  • An excellent introduction to the world of Music

  • The extended successes which a quality Music Education affords: this includes success in academics, society, development of intelligence and analytical thinking and success in life

  • The extended benefits of a quality Music Education teaching life skills which include patience, poise, determination, hard work, dedication, tenacity, hard work and teamwork

  • An outlet for creativity for ideas and emotions that only music can express

  • To learn music theory, music notation and to develop skills of sight reading

  • To learn to study music with great confidence so they some day can teach themselves

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"I have always admired the skill and expertise of
the professional golfer, Tiger Woods. Obviously his
parents and coaches played a crucial role in the
development of his great, natural skills. Music Education
is no different. The development of a child's talent is
solely at the mercy of caring and loving parents
providing private lessons so a child's 'raw' talent
can be developed to the fullest."

Art Scott, Renowned Local Music Teacher


 To hear Mr. Art Scott, Piano Teacher play click on these Youtube links:



"Amazing Grace"

"What A Friend"


"Joy To The World"

"Holy, Holy, Holy & El Shadai"

Keyboard Artist Performer Teacher
  • 30 years of teaching experience

  • Adults and children of all ages and all levels

  • Also available for weddings, birthdays,
    special occasions, and memorial services

  • Traditional approach

  • We come to your home

  • Referrals available for tuners, voice teachers,
    brass, wind and string teachers

  • See what TALENT DEVELOPMENT can do here
    through Art Scott Music Studios

Daddy / Mommy I hate to practice......

Taking piano lessons and practicing can either be boring or interesting. The secret is choosing the right teacher. I recommend to every parent who calls me to try several teachers out and find someone who is compatible.

After thirty years of teacher experience I have always allowed children to choose the music they are playing. This retains their interest and support. I also sponsor three recitals annually so young people can display their talent and be proud of their accomplishments.

Giving a child a music education is a gift that will last a lifetime.  Studies at major universities such as U.C.I. have proven that the study of classical music enhances the cognitive ability of children and increases their ability to comprehend math and science. In addition, music education builds a child's self-esteem, teaches discipline and the intrinsic rewards found from staying with a task and completing it.

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I used to be in the piano business and sold pianos for several years. In  addition to being a teacher, I have actually watched pianos built in a factory from scratch. When considering the purchase of a new or used instrument, please keep the following in mind. There are dealerships which  should be avoided. Call my studio at (949) 454-1221 for advice and recommendations.

Keyboard skills development will have limitations on portable keyboards 3-6 mos. max. unless the keyboard has WEIGHTED keys and is TOUCH SENSITIVE. Digital  pianos are a great value and should be considered since they do not require tuning and you can practice with headphones on. Always hire a PIANO TECHNICIAN to check out a piano, especially a USED one, BEFORE you buy it. 

Buying a piano or keyboard in today's market place should be a fun and rewarding experience. Whether your tastes are with instruments such as Bosendorfer, Yamaha, Baldwin, Estonia, Kawaii, Mason & Hamlin, Knabe, Chickering or if you like the sound of Petrof, Weinbach, Young Chang and Pearl River, we can direct you to right source for puchasing the instrument of your dreams. We offer a vast knowledge of instruments made all over the world. Our services and advice are free to you.

We offer advice on piano / keyboards ranging from used to new and instruments available to rent. I am confident we can help you today make a decision which will allow you to bring music to your home today!

Why take any risk but getting advice from relatives or well meaning friends. Honest, unbiased advice is just a phone call away. You're welcome to reach us via email; mraspiano@yahoo.com or by phone (949) 454-1221.

"Art Scott assisted our family in purchasing a brand new Yamaha Clavinova. We love the instrument and because of Mr. Scott's 30+ years experience and his rapport numerous dealers throughout Orange County, we found the right instrument at a great price in just one visit to a local retailer. We saved over $4,000 by using his service. We highly recommend Art Scott to all our friends and family."
- K.D., Mission Viejo, CA

"Having never purchased a piano before, my husband and I were at a total loss of where to go and the right questions to ask. Art Scott helped make shopping a breeze and we ended up with a fine European Baby Grand Piano and saved over $17,000 under the normal retail price. This piano will be passed down in our family for many generations thanks to Art Scott."
- H.G., San Clemente, CA

"After having visited just one piano store, my wife and I felt like we were buying a used car. Art Scott helped us make a very wise purchase, he answered all of our questions honestly and helped up sort through what could have been a frustrating experience and made investing in a piano at positive experience. We are so grateful to have found his service. We now have a beautiful Petrof piano in our living room and enjoy daily the great music it provides for our entire family."
- L.C., Laguna Beach, CA

I support and recommend the following musicians and stores:

The Sheet Music Store 
A wonderful music store

Adriane Jenster-Callas
Vocal Training / Applied Voice Technique / On-Site Studio & Performance Coaching
Phone/Fax: (949) 249-3774
Mobile: (323) 842-3083

Piano Master Craft By Wallace
Tuning / Rebuilding / Renovation / Voicing / Touch up / Moving
(909) 287-4744

Greg Richardson - Guitar Lessons
(949) 306-4803

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Questions most parents ask....

How long are lessons ? 
30 minutes

How much should my child practice? 
A minimum of 30 minutes 

What type of music do you use?
A variety, depending on a child's interest,  attention span, etc. Schaum, Bastien, Noona, Thompson to name a few.

Do you teach music to children with learning disabilities?
Art Scott welcomes the opportunity to teach music to all children, including those whom may have learning disabilities. Parents are encouraged to openly discuss their children's specific needs upfront, so he can teach them in an appropriate manner. He is experienced in teaching children who are slow learners, ADHD and other types of disabilities. Some of the most talented children can excel beyond their disabilities and truly express themselves through the medium of music. No child should be denied a Music Education.

How many students play in the recitals?
It varies from 40 - 50 + with 150 -200 guests Mr. Scott sponsors three recitals a year; November, May and August. 

How much are the lessons?
It depends on the age of the child and where your home is located, lessons are taught in your home.

I do not know if my child will practice
This is a discipline issue and the parent's responsibility to support the daily practice schedule. You can have the best teacher in the world, but if the child is does not practice, no learning  and progressing will occur. It is not the teachers job to make sure a child practices, it is the parents!

I have tried other teachers and am not satisfied
The solution is usually finding the right teacher with the right student. Compatibility is everything. Parents also need to have reasonable expectations as well. The personality of the students and their parents has to be a good mix. 

My child is fighting me about practicing, what can I do?
Often giving children goals, incentives, tangible gifts, a trip to Disney, a computer game. Keep track of their commitment to practicing on a chart with stickers and keep track of their commitment and good behavior with a reward that is meaningful to them. Be practical also, there are only so many hours in the day, limit the amount of activities so a child is not overwhelmed. It is totally unfair to a child to have them involved in too many activities. My dad had the great idea of making verbal contracts with all of us (5 children). He told us we had to stick with piano for one year and after that, if we stuck with it, he would buy / rent us any other instrument.I encourage parents today to try the same idea. It works!

My child is in tears and does not like their piece
A good teacher will constantly monitor the appropriateness of each piece a student is studying - and take them off of it immediately when the piece is too hard. 

My child is not responding to their current teacher, what should I do? 
Sometimes the issues may be the teacher, personality conflict, etc. However, sometimes the issues are not the teacher but often lack of support, encouragement and interest that a parent has for the child. Children need praise and encouragement and they also need to know from their parents that they should respect their teacher and obey them, and have a good attitude. Parents should be available to listen to the pieces a child is practicing on a daily basis. It is also normal for a talented child to try to sabotage the lesson process because so much of playing the instrument comes natural to them. It takes and effective parent / teacher relationship to balance out  the tough times of helping a child progress, even when the learning becomes  harder and more difficult skill levels are reached. Children are also  thrilled to compete in a healthy sense when there own parents are learning a practicing as well.

If you have other questions, please feel free to call my office or send an email
I am always willing to talk with parents and assist them in finding solutions.

Do you recommend Certificate of Merit, Music Teachers Associations
and other organizations? 
I do not recommend nor do I participate with the Certificate of Merit Program. As a child, my parents wasted hard earned money putting me through the rigors of being judged. My talent and musical ability at the piano was not improved any greater than if I had not participated. Any good piano teacher properly trained can assist any student with zero experience through what they would study through all four years as a piano major and any major college, university or conservatory in the world. In fact, I know of a mother who put 2 of her children through 12 years of piano and that included the Certificate of Merit. They are both in their 20's now and they absolutely hate the piano, they hate playing at family gatherings. The children I teach love to perform, participate readily at school talent shows and enjoy sharing their talent whenever they can. Many of my students have pursued music as a career. Often, when a new teacher or someone who lacks enthusiasm and has not studied piano literature and teaching in general, turn to outside organizations to dictate what music they should use utilize judges and competitions, to make up for their own inadequacies as a teacher and performer. A creative teacher who has been well trained can provide wonderful instruction to any student, without the need of outside third party input. Kids today often have 2 hours of homework at night and adding a stringent, unloving methodology to their plate of responsibilities, is unfair and unloving to a piano student. Children need to be taught good technique and good repertoire - without the need for testing and judges. The learning of Music should be fun for kids.

Please visit our BLOGSPOT for more important information for Parents

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